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The Invacare Leo is a medium sized scooter that can be dismantled for transportation during longer trips or weekend breaks. Easy steering and manoeuvrability for getting around corners in shopping centres, museums, or leisure complex becomes refreshingly easy. Access to the battery and electronics for maintenance or servicing is much more comfortable with the Leo as only one part needs to be removed. Individuals can trust the Invacare Leo to take them wherever they need to go. From a trip to the shops or a ride to the park, the Leo is sturdy and reliable thanks to its exceptionally high-quality electronic engineering and power.
  • Finite tiller movement: Users can easily adjust the tiller to suit their needs.
  • Brake light: It comes with rear brake lighting– it warns other people that the scooter is slowing down to preventing collisions.
  • Comfort seating: Swivel functionality and sliding rails ensure optimal seating position.
  • Two-step disengaging lever: This feature helps to prevent the scooter from accidentally freewheeling.
  • Charging off-board: Batteries can be removed to charge with the off-board charger kit.

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